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I came across a very compelling page by Josh Worth today [thanks Boing Boing]. He put together a wonderful piece that illustrates the emptiness of our solar system. This is something that has always fascinated me as I look up at the night sky and try to pick out our planets vs. the early evening stars. There is so much nothing, and yet, the universe expands into further nothing. A void, but does the void exist in something? An ending that simply twists back on itself?

As he points out, even the atoms that make “stuff” up are filled with nothing. The biggest and smallest things we know are simply filled with nothing. Here we sit, orbiting a star, orbiting in a galaxy with our electrons orbiting protons and neutrons… all filled with intangible empty space…

Mind Blown Bert Sesame StreetAnywho, here is Josh Worth’s Post: If the Moon was only 1 Pixel Check it out, and I highly recommend scrolling rather than jumping from planet to planet… because then you sorta miss the point he was trying to make…



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