der Walking Dead…

der Walking Dead…

I enjoy “The Walking Dead,” but I am continually frustrated by some of the plot devises. It seems like more often than not, the characters end up doing something completely irrelevant in order to advance the plot or situation. To me, its a show that is pretty good, but should be so much better. I love the idea of it, but think the writing is one or two revisions short of being great. I had the same issue with the comics [of which I only got though the first two trade paperbacks]. Again, its not bad, but its just not GREAT.

With the return of the AMC series last weekend, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend. Long story short, she pretty much told me that I should write something of my own then. Which brought to mind a short story that I had written about six years ago [man how time flies].

So rather than just be some complainer, I figure, why not throw it on out there again. I thought about restructuring the story some, as since writing it, there was an instance in the show that was similar to an event in my story [I’m not sure if the specific scene ever occurred in the comics, as I didn’t get that far]. But after re-reading my story, I decided against it. After all, its not really a zombie story, per say, but a very specific story about one person.

So for your reading pleasure: Confessions of a Zombie

Please feel free to comment with thoughts. And it is, at its core, a love story… so, Happy Valentimes Day!

30 Rock Valentimes Hooker Rachel Dratch

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