The Secret Life of Mother Nature and Machines [redux]

The Secret Life of Mother Nature and Machines [redux]

While I was interning in London, I had the opportunity to take an experimental photography class. In that class, we used several different processing and printing procedures to create unique print effects, all done analog style. Yeah, these things could have easily been replicated in Photoshop with a far more precise effect, but then where is the fun in that? It’s sort of like that exciting feeling when you have a roll of film processed [“How are the pictures going to come out?” or “Oh, I totally forgot about that picture!”… those exciting little moments].

But I digress.

I presented my prints in the form of a photographic story: The Secret Life of Mother Nature and Machines, or Welcome to the Apocalypse. I had also created a Macromedia Flash [yes, it was that long ago] presentation.

Fast forward, I was sorting through some archived files and came across the Flash SWF for the original presentation I had put together. I was still really pleased with how the images came out, but wanted to rework the wording a bit [and pull it out of the Flash]. Since I couldn’t find the original source files, I dug out the original images and re-scanned them.

So, without further yammering, here is the revised project:

The Secret Life of Mother Nature and Machines

Please to enjoy… !


I want all of my Garmonbozia…

I want all of my Garmonbozia…

My love of David Lynch started many years with Twin Peaks. When I first sat down and watched the pilot, I was absolutely blown away and immediately in love with both the quirkiness, and the unsettling terror that David Lynch is so deft at. He makes a stop light swaying in the midnight breeze scary. I stuck through it, even through the horrible James and Evelyn Marsh, to the mysterious ending (… “Hows Annie?!”).

With the release of the entire series and movie on Bluray [plus all of the extra bits, which amounts to a movie of its own] there has been a bit of a renaissance for Twin Peaks. Which is awesome! Yes its flawed [see James and Evelyn storyline], but its still amazing.

So with all of this Twin Peaks talk, I wanted to make a bit of my own Fan Art [really, I don’t know whats taken me so long]. I took inspiration from my David Bowie-Bot Space Oddity Campbell’s Soup can and put another spin on it.

Because, what if Campbell’s made Garmonbozia… ?

Because Killer Bob is entirely too creepy… and there is nothing creepy at all about a child version of him!
… completed Man From Another Place Papercraft…

… and here is a short video to the tune of “Audrey’s Dance”…

Want to build your own papercraft? Here is the template for The Man From Another Place
[With Instructions]

Mr. [Graffiti Attack] Roboto!

Mr. [Graffiti Attack] Roboto!

Oh no! Mr. Roboto has been tagged up!

Mr Roboto Graffiti Papercraft


In a random act of inspiration, I created a new Mr Roboto template. I wanted to do something that was colorful and that covered his whole body. Under the influence of Kid Robot’s Munny canvas, I thought I would spin off using my own creation as a canvas of its own. I hope to add more variations of Mr Roboto [while keeping the character present in the design].

Mr Roboto


For now, I have three different designs available. There is Classic Roboto… Bowie-Boto… and now Graffiti Attack Roboto!

Roboto Papercraft

Templates are available at:

Each template requires two sheets of cardstock [or something thicker than a standard sheet of paper]. There is also a smaller single sheet version, if you are feeling super crafty [though take note, the small builds are a bit more challenging]. And don’t forget to tag @happidevil when you upload photos of Mr Roboto’s adventures!



Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – CS Lewis

I was reading an article on that made a reference to an essay titled “On Three Ways of Writing for Children” written by CS Lewis. The catalyst for the article was a Slate post that essentially said as an adult you shouldn’t read “Young Adult” books. To which I say, “whatever,” while ironically holding my thumbs and index fingers up in a “w.”

But while reading the three points by CS Lewis, I was really struck by the quote above. It really is something to try and embody. It sort of goes along with a lyric from the Broken Bells song “The Changing Lights” that resonated with me this past weekend “you wanna sin, but yer too shy.”

The more we inhibit ourselves from fear of what other people think, the less we are living… its not a new concept… just a reminder… We should strive to allow ourselves to be silly with impunity! 

Just a thought… here is a song…

You are here.

You are here.

I came across a very compelling page by Josh Worth today [thanks Boing Boing]. He put together a wonderful piece that illustrates the emptiness of our solar system. This is something that has always fascinated me as I look up at the night sky and try to pick out our planets vs. the early evening stars. There is so much nothing, and yet, the universe expands into further nothing. A void, but does the void exist in something? An ending that simply twists back on itself?

As he points out, even the atoms that make “stuff” up are filled with nothing. The biggest and smallest things we know are simply filled with nothing. Here we sit, orbiting a star, orbiting in a galaxy with our electrons orbiting protons and neutrons… all filled with intangible empty space…

Mind Blown Bert Sesame StreetAnywho, here is Josh Worth’s Post: If the Moon was only 1 Pixel Check it out, and I highly recommend scrolling rather than jumping from planet to planet… because then you sorta miss the point he was trying to make…



der Walking Dead…

der Walking Dead…

I enjoy “The Walking Dead,” but I am continually frustrated by some of the plot devises. It seems like more often than not, the characters end up doing something completely irrelevant in order to advance the plot or situation. To me, its a show that is pretty good, but should be so much better. I love the idea of it, but think the writing is one or two revisions short of being great. I had the same issue with the comics [of which I only got though the first two trade paperbacks]. Again, its not bad, but its just not GREAT.

With the return of the AMC series last weekend, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend. Long story short, she pretty much told me that I should write something of my own then. Which brought to mind a short story that I had written about six years ago [man how time flies].

So rather than just be some complainer, I figure, why not throw it on out there again. I thought about restructuring the story some, as since writing it, there was an instance in the show that was similar to an event in my story [I’m not sure if the specific scene ever occurred in the comics, as I didn’t get that far]. But after re-reading my story, I decided against it. After all, its not really a zombie story, per say, but a very specific story about one person.

So for your reading pleasure: Confessions of a Zombie

Please feel free to comment with thoughts. And it is, at its core, a love story… so, Happy Valentimes Day!

30 Rock Valentimes Hooker Rachel Dratch

Domo Arigato

Domo Arigato

… it was really only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and Mr Roboto turned into Aladdin Sane…

Want to build your own Bowie Bot? Here is the template! All you need two sheets of cardstock and an Xacto Knife (well, it doesn’t have to be Xacto brand, but you get my point). Take a picture and send it over! I would love to see him in exotic places!