Mr. [Graffiti Attack] Roboto!

Mr. [Graffiti Attack] Roboto!

Oh no! Mr. Roboto has been tagged up!

Mr Roboto Graffiti Papercraft


In a random act of inspiration, I created a new Mr Roboto template. I wanted to do something that was colorful and that covered his whole body. Under the influence of Kid Robot’s Munny canvas, I thought I would spin off using my own creation as a canvas of its own. I hope to add more variations of Mr Roboto [while keeping the character present in the design].

Mr Roboto


For now, I have three different designs available. There is Classic Roboto… Bowie-Boto… and now Graffiti Attack Roboto!

Roboto Papercraft

Templates are available at:

Each template requires two sheets of cardstock [or something thicker than a standard sheet of paper]. There is also a smaller single sheet version, if you are feeling super crafty [though take note, the small builds are a bit more challenging]. And don’t forget to tag @happidevil when you upload photos of Mr Roboto’s adventures!



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