I want all of my Garmonbozia…

I want all of my Garmonbozia…

My love of David Lynch started many years with Twin Peaks. When I first sat down and watched the pilot, I was absolutely blown away and immediately in love with both the quirkiness, and the unsettling terror that David Lynch is so deft at. He makes a stop light swaying in the midnight breeze scary. I stuck through it, even through the horrible James and Evelyn Marsh, to the mysterious ending (… “Hows Annie?!”).

With the release of the entire series and movie on Bluray [plus all of the extra bits, which amounts to a movie of its own] there has been a bit of a renaissance for Twin Peaks. Which is awesome! Yes its flawed [see James and Evelyn storyline], but its still amazing.

So with all of this Twin Peaks talk, I wanted to make a bit of my own Fan Art [really, I don’t know whats taken me so long]. I took inspiration from my David Bowie-Bot Space Oddity Campbell’s Soup can and put another spin on it.

Because, what if Campbell’s made Garmonbozia… ?

Because Killer Bob is entirely too creepy… and there is nothing creepy at all about a child version of him!
… completed Man From Another Place Papercraft…

… and here is a short video to the tune of “Audrey’s Dance”…

Want to build your own papercraft? Here is the template for The Man From Another Place
[With Instructions]

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