Don’t Be a Hater, Dear

Don’t Be a Hater, Dear

Myrtle Snow Cross Stitch
Myrtle Snow “Don’t Be A Hater, Dear”

When I was in eighth grade, on a lark I took a sewing class as an elective [yes, I just said “on a lark,” I’m totally bringing it back]. It was something that I really enjoyed and had fun doing. One of the first techniques we learned was how to cross stitch.

Fast forward, for some unknown reason, the desire to do a little cross stitching popped into my head last month. I wanted to do something a little more tongue in cheek kitsch and less “grandma’s kitchen.” Naturally, I turned my attention to the kitsch-tacular Coven season of American Horror Story. If anyone stole the season, it was Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow. Her character’s motives were confusing through out the season. Often times, leaving me wondering if she was a good witch or a wicked witch. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but what I can say is Myrtle was definitely the most quotable character that season.

So I took her inspirational quote “Don’t be a hater, dear” and applied it to my mad cross stitch skills. Initially, I had designed a full character, but realized that I had purchased the wrong fabric count for the initial design:

Had I not cut the fabric already for a 4×6 frame, I could have continued with the piece and just finished it in a larger frame. Sadly, I had to regroup and work with what I had. So I did a quick remix of the design and adapted it accordingly.

I am actually much more pleased with the simpler version [for the 4×6 frame], so everything happens for a reason, right? The first one has already been claimed, but I will be starting on a second one post haste, so if you are interested, dear reader, place your order now at: The Happi Shoppe. I do still plan on doing the full figure as some sort of deluxe version, so stay tuned. And if you are interested in purchasing a “kit” [pattern, thread, etc] to take on the project yourself, just send me an email: happidevil at…

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