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… better together…

… better together…

I realize that I’ve been using a lot of swears lately to acknowledge the elephant in the room. I can’t help it, I have an Italian mother, and sometimes a good old fashioned expletive is the only way to truly convey the frustration I feel every time I turn on the news. Over the past couple of months it has been quite challenging to watch/listen without a deep sense of dread while exclaiming “are you fucking kidding me?” It seems like, everyday, there is a new offense to [fill in the blank: logic, civility, science, compassion, respect, civil rights… I could go on].

I’m generally a positive person, which is why its been so hard to “check-in” and stay informed about these daily events. Hypocrisy is something that I have great difficulty with, I find it to be a tell-tale indicator of a charlatan or manipulator. Unfortunately, there is a lot of snake oil being sold. With that being said, it is completely reckless and irresponsible to “check-out” right now, because there are entirely too many shenanigans going on.

I’ve been mulling on all of this over the past weeks, trying to figure out what I can do as a artist. How can I use my voice to incite an intellectual renaissance. Okay okay, yeah, that’s a little grandiose for some little cog with a blog. But I feel the need to add something to the collective consciousness.


So I’ve sent Protest-Bots out into the world, carrying a simple message of unity. A message to remind everyone that we all work better together. If we are going to truly change the world and make EVERYWHERE great, we need to do it together.

A post shared by Happi Devil (@happidevil) on

A post shared by Happi Devil (@happidevil) on

Wake up…
Stay Informed…
Cite your sources…
Call out the lies… and most importantly…
Get Better.

I want all of my Garmonbozia…

I want all of my Garmonbozia…

My love of David Lynch started many years with Twin Peaks. When I first sat down and watched the pilot, I was absolutely blown away and immediately in love with both the quirkiness, and the unsettling terror that David Lynch is so deft at. He makes a stop light swaying in the midnight breeze scary. I stuck through it, even through the horrible James and Evelyn Marsh, to the mysterious ending (… “Hows Annie?!”).

With the release of the entire series and movie on Bluray [plus all of the extra bits, which amounts to a movie of its own] there has been a bit of a renaissance for Twin Peaks. Which is awesome! Yes its flawed [see James and Evelyn storyline], but its still amazing.

So with all of this Twin Peaks talk, I wanted to make a bit of my own Fan Art [really, I don’t know whats taken me so long]. I took inspiration from my David Bowie-Bot Space Oddity Campbell’s Soup can and put another spin on it.

Because, what if Campbell’s made Garmonbozia… ?

Because Killer Bob is entirely too creepy… and there is nothing creepy at all about a child version of him!
… completed Man From Another Place Papercraft…

… and here is a short video to the tune of “Audrey’s Dance”…

Want to build your own papercraft? Here is the template for The Man From Another Place
[With Instructions]

Bowie Bomb!

Bowie Bomb!

So for the fun of it, I created a mock label for Campbell’s Chicken and Stars Soup. I used the old Cambell’s logo and dressed up one of the Campbell’s Kids in a David Bowie mash up of Space Oddity and Aladdin Sane.

The Original Can Layout
The Original Can Layout

I kind of fell in love with the silliness of it and wanted to take it a bit further. So I recreated the entire label. Cooking instructions, ingredients, nutrition guide, bar code… all of it.

Since I didn’t want to do anything permanent [no harm, no foul, right?], i used a bit of double sided tape so that the label could stick to itself, rather than sticking to the “real” label on the can. Then took my Bowie Labels to the grocery store and dressed up the cans in something that was far more interesting than the real labels that Campbell’s currently has on its soup cans!

Call it a Random Act of Bowie. So I’m putting a PDF of the label up, for anyone would would like to Bowie Bomb some Campbell’s Chicken and Stars cans… !

David Bowie Campbell's Chicken and Stars
Click Here of PDF!