Kick It!

So for a few years now, I’ve been leaving little pieces of free art around town and assorted places. Whether it’s a painted box tied up with a bow and filled with stickers or a custom can with a papercraft Mr. Roboto in it. It’s fun for me, and I really dig it when when I get a tweet back, or a @HappiDevil tag in a picture on the Facegrams and what not.

I’ve received many an email from people as far as the Philippines requesting that I send them stickers. And I did, because I had stickers to share. Now, unfortunately, my supply has dwindled to near nothing. So I says to myself, “why not kick up a Kickstarter?” If people are keen on my stickers, surely they won’t have a problem kicking in a few bucks toward funding a project. And even better, I’ll be able to produce HIGHER QUALITY die-cut stickers!


So… with that… I’ve started a Kickstarter! I’ve got some great pledge rewards and some super great stickers. You should not only check it out, but you should totes kick in a few coins. Why? Because its fun, and I figure, if somebody can raise four thousand dollars for ONE sticker design, I should be able to raise $900 for ELEVEN sticker designs, right?

Happi Devil Sticker Party

Happi Devil Sticker Party

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