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Kick It!

So for a few years now, I’ve been leaving little pieces of free art around town and assorted places. Whether it’s a painted box tied up with a bow and filled with stickers or a custom can with a papercraft Mr. Roboto in it. It’s fun for me, and I really dig it when when I get a tweet back, or a @HappiDevil tag in a picture on the Facegrams and what not.

I’ve received many an email from people as far as the Philippines requesting that I send them stickers. And I did, because I had stickers to share. Now, unfortunately, my supply has dwindled to near nothing. So I says to myself, “why not kick up a Kickstarter?” If people are keen on my stickers, surely they won’t have a problem kicking in a few bucks toward funding a project. And even better, I’ll be able to produce HIGHER QUALITY die-cut stickers!


So… with that… I’ve started a Kickstarter! I’ve got some great pledge rewards and some super great stickers. You should not only check it out, but you should totes kick in a few coins. Why? Because its fun, and I figure, if somebody can raise four thousand dollars for ONE sticker design, I should be able to raise $900 for ELEVEN sticker designs, right?

Happi Devil Sticker Party

Happi Devil Sticker Party

ComicCon Quickie Recap

Big thanks to DRC for scoring us some last minute ComicCon tickets last Friday. It certainly would have been fun to spend all four days there and leisurely walk the floor, but at least we were able to get into the final Futurama panel while still being able to cram some floor time in. Before heading down to San Diego, I was able to put together a few Happi Tins

Which I then strategically left hiding in plain sight around the floor…

So here is to people finding Happi Surprises throughout their day! Oh, and also, this happened:

"Ron Jeremy" makes an appearance on the floor at San Diego Comic Con 2013

“Ron Jeremy” makes an appearance on the floor at San Diego Comic Con 2013