And don’t you know you’re beautiful

And don’t you know you’re beautiful

Now I’m not going to pretend to be a music blogger, but there are some things that just warrant more than a simple post and share on the FaceSpace [but please, by all means, post and share this…].

Lush is definitely one of my favorite bands, and I still listen to them fairly regularly, but its been a while since I’ve listened to their album “Spooky” on headphones. Sometimes moments align and you are struck and simply cannot do anything more than occupy the space that exists between the two speakers in your ears.

“Nothing Natural” has always been damn near a perfect song to me. The bass line starts with a determined stride, encircled with the swirling jangle of the guitar that becomes becomes a wailing wash of reverby joy. Down to Emma Anderson’s beautifully dream like lyrics sung with a wistful longing by Miki Berenyi:

The seasons shining in your hair
And it was more than I could bare
But I can see you in my smile
And you are only beautiful

I’m not going to wax poetic with a ten paragraph essay on every measure of the song. I’ll just say, do yourself a favor, pop in your headphones and lose yourself for 5 minutes and 54 seconds.

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